Garten is situated in a quiet and slightly hilly part of Slavonski Brod, near the natural resorts, halfway from the exit of the Slavonski Brod East-West highway. Slavonski Brod is located exactly halfway to many large cities:

  • 200 km from Zagreb and Belgrade
  • 335 km from Budapest and Sarajevo
  • 570 km from Vienna and Sofia
  • 810 km from Bucharest and Milano
  • 1125 km from Istanbul and Frankfurt

Because of the vicinity of the highway we have  large number of transit guests, mostly foreigners, from Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland.
These modern nomads are not only our guests but also our friends, business people, bikers, lawyers, doctors, various correspondents, etc.

How to find us?


hotel garten slavonski brod, mapa kako do nas

Guests are provided with free parking which is under video surveillance, with direct access to the city bus.



Once, here were famous vineyards and even the emperor from Vienna was drinking the wine from these vinyards. Today, only a memory to vineyards and the name Brodsko Vinogorje remains.