Beer wellness party

After work beer wellness party

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Hotel Garden is proud to present the new offer in its wellness programs - After work beer wellness party. The treatment includes beer baths in beer barrels made of oak, Lifestyle massage and spa facilities access (sauna and rest and relaxation room).

Beer baths have become extremely popular in the Central European countries because of their beneficiary effects. Since ancient times, it has been known that beer and brewer's yeast, have medicinal attributes, which slow down skin aging process.

The most important ingredients are vitamin B, proteins and antioxidants, which rejuvenate the skin and hair, making it light and smooth.

Bathing takes place in wooden oak barrels in order to make you feel closer to the true nature, tradition, and healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Garten identity is based primarily on traditional relaxation methods. The way of life, set by the modern technical and technological development, has caused many ongoing problems. Stress, depression, obesity, and most importantly, loss of sense pervade most people's lives.

Spa treatments improve the quality of life by using relaxation methods involving natural substances, which have been long forgotten, and which facilitate scientific cognition. Come and assure yourself why hotel Garten has been the best choice for business and sports clients for years.

The aim of the overall wellness program Eco-Ethno Garten is to point out the possibility, as well as the benefits of ecologically based relaxation methods and aromatherapy, which facilitate health protection and obey natural and environmental laws

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